Dr. Roni Sapir – Academic dean

Dr. Roni Sapir

Born in Haifa Israel. During his studies at the university ( computer and geography) on the early 80s he was exposed to Acupuncture through a television program that showed open chest surgery done by Acupuncture anesthesia. That was the point  that changed his life. He has decided that he will study this ancient medicine which is completely natural that no chemicals or drugs are involved and can have such an amazing effect on the body.

Roni has started his first journey on this long path in 1982 in Israel studying Chinese Medicine at the Israeli College of Complementary Medicine. in 1984 he decided that Chinese Medicine must be studied on the basis of the Chinese Classics and  started looking for the best school that teaches Classic Chinese Medicine around the world.

 In 1985 Roni started his 8 years studies at the International College of Oriental Medicine in East Grinstead, England. Being a student, lecturers and practitioner under the goodness of his teacher Dr. van Buren made him ready for his way in the realm of Chinese Medicine.

 In 1993 Roni came back to Israel with a dream and vision that he accomplishes every day, ' spreading out the beauty and the way of health and living of Chinese Medicine' . Creating the way of accomplishment cost a high price of totality, loyalty, determination, responsibility and humanity. The action must involve to parallel ways, one is spreading the medicine around the population all around and the other is to teach and train therapists, clinicians and researchers to the highest possible standard.

Up till today Roni has around 3000 graduates around the worl. Some of them devoted their life and continue the way under his inspiration.

In 1997 Roni Founded the Israeli Centre of Classic Chinese Medicine named East – West. Roni works with the Chinese Authorities for the last 12 years and with number of hospitals around China. Roni is teaching Chinese Medicine in Israel and China, Treat patients all over the world and under his guidence and inspiration. The East –West Centre includes a 4 year school of Classic Chinese Medicine, Academy of Chinese Medicine, Clinics, Chinese Herbal Medicine Pharmacy. Chinese Medicine programs in hotels and health resorts,Chinese Medicine library and art shop.

For his work and devotion Roni has been invited to be Vice President at the International Red Cross Hospital, Hunan, China

Director at the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, China.

Council member at the academic committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, China

Council member at the Cancer research committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, China

In Israel Roni is :

President of the Israeli Association of Classic Chinese Medicine Practitioners

Academic Dean of East – West The Israeli Centre of Classic Chinese Medicine

Roni Sapir