The Israeli Center of Classic Chinese Medicine

The East–West School of Classic Chinese Medicine was inspired, established and operates in accordance with Classic Chinese Medicine. Its primary goal has been to train therapists, clinicians and researchers to the highest possible standard. The school's multi-year curriculum has a unique structure that includes more than 3500 academic hours, unlike any other learning track currently offered in Israel and the western world. As a result, East–West has received official recognition worldwide. The school maintains direct professional ties with hospitals in China training therapists for advanced qualifications in Chinese medicine. The school teaches and qualifies a cadre of thinkers, top-ranking clinicians and researchers who will become part of Chinese medicine world-wide.

East West Clinics: Experts' Clinic, Students' Clinic, Pain Clinic, Infertility and maternity Clinic, Oncology support Clinic, Internal Medicine Clinic, Children Clinic, Anxiety and stress Clinic, Cosmetic Acupuncture Clinic, Special herbal steam clinic and Community voluntary clinic.

East West Research Centre: On going research in different aspects of Chinese medicine.

East West library: The Centre runs a reading library that contains a large selection of books on Chinese Medicine and Western Medical books

East West Shop: the Centre operates a shop of Chinese art, Culture, Calligraphy, Herbs, Chinese Medicine equipment, Cosmetics and Books.

East West International Relationship: The Israeli Centre of Classic Chinese Medicine has Medical and Academic cooperation with China and around the world which includes Clinical training, Experts' exchange, Students' exchange, Research and Academic program development.

East West Recognition: East West graduates are members of the Israeli Association of Classic Chinese Medicine Practitioners. The association is the only one in Israel that is recognized and is a member of The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Bei-Jing China and of The World Federation of Acupuncture – Moxibustion Societies, Bei-Jing China.

East West Pharmacy: The centre runs a unique tincture-based Chinese herbs pharmacy which includes in total some 300 different herbs. The pharmacy expertise is in preparing Traditional Chinese formulas and individual formulas suited to the needs of each patient.

East West Resort Centre: East West runs a hotel section in the Dead Sea on basis of Chinese way of life. The tourists in the hotel participates in different activities during there stay at the hotel like: Tai Qi, Qi Kong, Tuina and Meridian stretching workshops, Chinese Philosophy lectures, Acupuncture Treatments, Diet and life style advise and more.

East West Publishing House: East West has is own publishing house in which books in Chinese medicine are published.